What’s Coming Down the Road?

Americans are being misled by the government and the media about the supposed recovery we are experiencing.  They say we are adding jobs each month and report the stock market is continuing to do well, but these reports are masking growing issues which nobody seems to be talking about.  Wages are continuing to stay flat and have done so for years despite inflation and a growing cost of living.  American workers, today, have to work more hours than ever before because of this.  The government and media fail to point this out when they talk about the economy rebuilding.

Another issue is the generation of millennials.  Many of them seem to have adopted a negative personal philosophy about working and how to manage themselves as we head into the future.  They’re well known for being highly educated but extremely self-absorbed.  Despite many of them being kids and living through the Great Recession, they haven’t turned out like the greatest generation who came out of the Great Depression.  Instead, they are narcissistic, lazy and unfocused, so the stereotypes say.  Dawn J Bennett points out the blame cannot be completely laid upon their shoulders though because they were raised that way, so in some degree its’ a reflection of their parents.

The millennials also face a far more difficult economic and career situation as they come of age.  Many were raised with the idea that going to college would guarantee them a place in the workforce with a good paying job.  Unfortunately, as Dawn J Bennett notes, the idea of having a job right after college which will help you pay off your student loans and eventually turn into a career that allows you to support a family simply isn’t true.  We have not had a generation which has been burdened with so much debt and economic instability in decades.

That is the other issue which our country is facing and seems to be nearly inescapable.  We have politicians who are unwilling to raise revenue for the government and unwilling to cut anything.  The result is a growing deficit and unsustainable programs which will eventually collapse under their own weight.  We need people to become more politically active and get better politicians into office so that we can get our government and country back on track.  Don’t forget, Janet Yellen still hasn’t raised Federal interest rates which mean the current economy is even more unstable then we are seeing.  Will they ever get their heads on straight?  We will have to wait and see.


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