Dawn Bennett Investigates DOJ Misconduct with Sidney Powell

It’s important that we keep our government honest and hold it to the highest standards possible, especially if we want to improve as a nation.  This is why Dawn J Bennet did an interview with Sidney Powell, author of the new book, Licensed to Lie: Exposing Corruption in the Department of Justice, on her Nationally Syndicated Financial Myth Busting Radio Show.  Sidney Powell is a long time lawyer with over 500 Federal appeals resulting in more than 180 published opinions.  She is one of the greatest whistle blowers in history.

According to Mrs. Powell there have been constant abuses of power by the Department of justice (DOJ).  The three biggest offenders have been Catherine Rumler, Matthew Friedrich and Andrew Weissman.  Mrs. Powell along with Bill Hodes filed grievances against them but the courts and bars did nothing about the cases.  This is why Mrs. Powell’s book is titled “Licensed to Lie”.  They found that the bars and courts were unwilling to help in any form.

Mrs. Powell believes that there was a hidden agenda behind all of this.  Matthew Friedrich was Acting Attorney General for the criminal division of the DOJ, where he micromanaged the prosecution against former U.S. Senator Ted Stevens.  Unseating Ted Stevens created a shift in power that allowed Obamacare to be passed.

Mrs. Powell’s book named a lot of big names, but she still hasn’t received any responses in regards to her new book.  She told Dawn J Bennet that the DOJ has become extremely politicized in the last 10-15 years.  It has become a tool to promote the presidential agenda, and will continue to be such until people are called to answer.  Mrs. Powell hopes that the DOJ can eventually be restored as a bastion of integrity.

In her new book Mrs. Powell covers the rampant misconduct within the DOJ, such as prosecutors charging defenders with a crime even if it isn’t a crime.  She believes this type of misconduct within government agencies may be more widespread than just the DOJ.  The DOJ’s ethical misbehavior is most obvious because of how much power it has over a person’s daily life.

Since the DOJ recently closed a case in which they received a $7 billion settlement against Citibank Dawn J Bennett asked how they had handled cases involving the public sector, and Mrs. Powell didn’t have  kind words for that either.  She pointed out that Fannie and Freddie who caused a great deal of financial disasters haven’t been investigated very well.  In fact the heads that caused the disasters got to leave with a $180 million between them in bonuses.

Mrs. Powell’s last major point of discussion during the interview was the numerous Brady violations by prosecutors.  A Brady violation is a constitutional violation by a prosecutor who has a legal, ethical and Constitutional obligation to provide to the defense any evidence that is favorable to the defense, mitigates the punishment against the defendant or impeaches or undermines the credibility of the government’s witnesses.  Mrs. Powell says the government has been hiding evidence and Federal prosecutors have been committing a lot of Brady violations for the last 10-15 years.

It is very fortunate that Dawn was able to interview Mrs. Powell about the ethical issues happening at the DOJ.  Sidney Powell’s book “License to Lie” is available on Amazon, and at www.Licensedtolie.com.  It’s got the links for Amazon, Barnes and Noble, all the book outlets that people can order the book from.  It’s also on Kindle and Nook, and all the eBook websites.


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